We should've stopped--but let's keep going and see what happens.

First Impressions on Octopress

So, I’m starting over and going to try actually blogging—goal is a simple once-a-week, and if the chain builds, maybe we’ll see what happens.

First thing: making a new post is annoying: rake new_post is cool and all, but you really need to modify the Rakefile to automatically fire up a text editor once it’s been run, like so:

# at the end of writing the file in the new_post task:
Kernel.system('vim', filename)

Et voila, a text editor appears once you make a new post!

Next thing to worry about is deployment—the smart thing to do would be throwing this up on Github pages or Cloudflare, but let’s be honest: that’s not really my style.

Sooooo, I think the answer is a dumb little cronjob to pull the repo every half day and update.

Or, y’know, just manually update the damned thing until I’ve been hit with some divine inspiration.


Derp derp derp I should probably put a bit to commit to Github after I’m done writing—now wouldn’t that be something.